Fear of Public Speaking Coach Testimonials

I have been the CEO of my own staffing service for 24 years. For years, I avoided public speaking due to a fear of talking in public. Then winning a prestigious award meant I would have to speak in front of 500 people. I feared I would be unable to accept my award due to my fear of public speaking. I decided that, in order to conquer my fear, I needed professional help.

Therefore, I began to work with Nancy. Her work with me was extremely thorough, systematic, and more successful than I could imagine! We used EMDR methods which I found very successful. My speech was successful! The most amazing and unexpected benefit from my work with Nancy, my fear of public speaking is 100% gone….FOREVER! I now seek opportunities where I can talk in front of an audience! Because of Nancy Cetlin, I have become more self confident in many other areas of my life.”

— Joanne Grady, President and CEO, Abbott Personnel

Despite theatrical training and many years of anxiety free public speaking and sales presentations, I suddenly developed a fear of public speaking. The anxiety I felt was acute and I became increasingly concerned about my ability to perform as a professional. No longer in sales, but in a leadership position that required public and corporate presentations on an almost weekly basis. I sought help. Nancy was adamant that my fear and anxiety could be brought under control. As a result, my natural love of the stage would return. She was right. Through her professionalism and dedication to the process, she was able to help me regain control and confidence. I highly recommend Nancy to any person seeking to overcome what can be a debilitating condition.”

— Mark B., SVP and General Manager, Cloud Computing Business

I just wanted to tell you how much you helped me with my public speaking fear. Every time I have to give a presentation or speak in front of a class, I’m even more confident than I was the time before. You really, really helped me and now I’ll even volunteer to present first because I actually like to do it. I never imagined that going to see you would help this much even though I went for only 10 times.”

— College Student

Almost one year ago, I started seeing Dr. Cetlin for coaching. I had reached a stalemate in my speaking venues and needed help in getting out of my slump. Dr. Cetlin has provided me with tools, support, and help to improve my self-confidence. I feel more relaxed and focused than I’ve even been when facing any audience, large or small. She has been a major force behind my success.”

— Physician

Nancy Cetlin is a quality person and a consummate professional. Since working with her in 2005, my life has changed completely. Nancy has helped me to process and overcome some debilitating behaviors caused by trauma in my past. The work I have done with her will carry me through the rest of my days. She has literally given me the ability to untangle and “rewire” my brain, enabling me to perform better than my best has ever been. I speak and carry myself with a self-assuredness I did not know I had.

The work I accomplished with Nancy has touched each part of my life, enabling me to achieve many of my life-long goals, and enriching my relationships both personally and professionally. Her hands-on approach and her ability to relate to her clients is something that sets her apart from all the rest. I have used the strategies and techniques she has taught me not only get past the things that had slowed me down, but to rise to new heights in my own self confidence and professionalism. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Nancy, and recommend her services wholeheartedly to anyone who truly wants to access the best of themselves.”

— Michele Dodson

Some executives like me are terrified to show nervousness when making a proposal or delivering a meeting report, not to mention speaking at a podium. I turned to Nancy Cetlin because this performance anxiety was destroying me for years, and prior talk therapy only helped so much. Dr. Cetlin’s application of EMDR and other technologies, combined with her expertise in coaching, armed me with real weapons against anxiety. I learned how to focus, prioritize, relax, and how to unleash ‘the real me’ and I’m finding he is someone who actually likes a little performing now and again. Anyone who can relate to my struggles should contact Nancy Cetlin. Get your deep-down fears neutralized through EMDR, and get the training that will make performance more natural and enjoyable for you, and much less fearful and stressful. You owe it to yourself.”

— Nonprofit CEO

Nancy’s approach and techniques allowed me, for the first time, to identify and begin to deal with the “monkey on my back.” I was able to understand the block between me and my best abilities as an attorney. Through her coaching, I have been able to successfully refocus my practice.”

— Attorney

After many years of feeling comfortable in a sport that has great potential for injury, I found that each lesson brought new feelings of fear, to the point of doing less and less. I was on the verge of giving up the sport when a friend of mine told me about Performance Coaching and EMDR with Nancy Cetlin.

Today I find myself taking 2 lessons in 1 day and the visions of accidents and feelings of fear are a thing of the past.”

— Competitive horseback rider

I came to Nancy a year ago after I was passed over for promotion. In addition to helping me deal with my feelings of inadequacy, she helped me identify my self-defeating behaviors and attitudes and develop life skills to allow me to reach my life goals. I have experienced a great deal of emotional growth since I have been working with Nancy, and I am delighted to report that my employers noticed my new behaviors. I just learned that I am receiving the promotion I was denied last year!!!! Thank you, Nancy, from the bottom of my heart, You’re the best!”

— Director of Inside Recruiting

I am struck by the perspective that the ensuing months have provided me regarding the impact that Nancy Cetlin’s Performance Coaching has had upon my career and professional satisfaction. When we began, my workdays were engulfed with a pervasive sense of being terribly underutilized. Though I knew I was in a rut, I wrestled with the consequences of leaving, and chafed at my ability to climb out and engage in something fulfilling and successful.

Through the techniques of Nancy’s coaching methods, I not only found my gut, but also regained the courage to trust it. I now look at the accomplishments of the past six months and the imminent launch of a new partnership, and I am awed and humbled. I’m awed that I had the courage to do it, and humbled by knowing that I am precisely where I ought to be. I feel great about the future of this business. I am confident that I can draw on the reservoir of instinct and intellect you taught me how to tap consistently. Building this business feels as natural as my 5-mile runs. I know I have the ability, energy and endurance and I know that I enjoy “the zone.” Thank you for the work you do.”

— Founding Partner (Mutual Fund Division)

I am a musician. About 5 years ago, I stopped performing because severe panic attacks drove me from the stage. I began working with Nancy Cetlin about 5 months ago and have begun performing again. Where I once felt hopeless, I now see a future again in my passion as well as my career. I have found the combination of EMDR and Nancy’s own talents helpful in unlocking the chains that have been blocking me.”

— Orchestral and solo musician

Nancy, I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your time, effort, and support. You really helped me through an incredible struggle, with your expertise, patience, and encouragement. I recently received my diploma in the mail. I’m so happy! I couldn’t have done it without you and can’t thank you enough.

— Music Conservatory Graduate, Teacher

When I came to Nancy Cetlin, I was struggling with stage fright, especially auditions and the cold readings. Working with Nancy, I have been able to overcome my fear. I continue to work hard on my own the concentration meditation exercises, accessing flow states and mental rehearsal techniques. I recently auditioned for a particularly difficult director, where I had once before frozen. She was impressed at how much better I was. It was my best audition yet.

— Actor

I’m a writer.  I’ve always dreaded public speaking, but I had to give some readings of my work. After seven or eight intensive sessions with Nancy Cetlin, I was able to deliver these readings without a hitch. People came up to me afterwards and complimented my work as well as my delivery. More than that, I found I actually enjoyed myself at the podium! And now — strange but true — I actually look forward to reading in public.

I continue to work with Nancy as a way of bolstering my writing and building the career I hope to make with it. In her coaching practice, Nancy brings to bear many things: her broad knowledge of the arts, her psychology background and her expertise in EMDR and neurofeedback therapies. Her approach is grounded and full of common-sense, humor, and personal warmth. She helps me figure out what I want to do with my writing, and how to actually do it. I have no doubt that both my work on the page and my developing career, are the better for my sessions with Nancy.

— Writer (fiction and essays)

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